Thursday, May 29, 2014

The House Of My Dreams

People say that your dream house is the fulfillment of your dreams and ambitions. It is the symbol of one's success. For the first time I am coming home to my dream house. It is no mansion. It is a simple cottage but I love it. The architectural design is similar to the chalets in Switzerland and the Alpine region. 

The house is ideal in warm or tropical countries. It is cool and cozy. To make it look homey I have added several hanging plants. I have also decorated the windows with exterior shutters to make it look perfect. In spite of my preference to Bahama Style Exterior Shutters, the Cedar Board and Batten shutters is ideal for my new home. It complements the wooden wall of my house. I admit that I had second thoughts when the architect and interior designer suggested that the house will look perfect with Cedar Board and Batten shutters. I am glad that I listened to them. The timeless beauty of natural wood shutters gives the house a warm and inviting look. I was also assured that exterior shutter made of wood is also durable. These Cedar Board and Batten shutters also offer protection and privacy just like the Bahama Style Exterior Shutters. I do not have to worry about ventilation as well since the house is made of wood. In addition, it is also surrounded with trees for protection.
Having my own dream house give me a sense of fulfillment. But I feel sad and lonely that I am no longer living with my parents. I know that I will miss all the noise and fuss in my old home. But I know that I can always come back home to them anytime.

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